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Hello, guys

We are trying to expand our business more and more. Besides all the hard work we invested in our facebook page and website, we started a new partnership.

Since the end of March we started offering our cakes and sweets on MumsBakesCakes.

You can check our store there.

On top of that we try to cover bigger parts of our region, so now we offer delivery to Worcester, Reditch, Alcester, Droitwich Spa and Stratford-Upon-Avon.

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Radiki's Cakes
Radiki's Cakes
Jun 09, 2019

Thank you Mr. Watts for the kind words. We hope that your words become a reality and we will be even better for the next anniversary. Wish you all the best.


The way to expand a business is through quality product at a good price. I can certainly say you deliver that on both fronts. A superb cake for my wife’s birthday a real showstopper! Everyone was blown away by it!! Great service, great cakes. Your business will grow and grow!

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